Performance improvement with optimized tuning and debottlenecking!

Fully Managed Service

Are these
WordPress troubles
affecting you?

  • losing page views due
    to heavy traffic downtime
  • frustration at slow
    WordPress site loading times
  • worrying about future costs
    and time to manage your server

Prime Strategy’s
KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service is here to help!

Using knowledge gained from real accomplishments in the development and management of WordPress,
a WordPress engineer will conduct a performance check at the start of the service. Even more, they will install
an ultrafast environment that has been optimized for WordPress from server to middleware.* With this, even
increased traffic from a news or television appearance will only place a minimum load on your resources.

* Prime Strategy Co., Ltd. presents the Ultrafast WordPress Virtual Machine KUSANAGI. It is the world’s fastest WordPress execution environment.

What is KUSANAGI Fully
Managed Service?

It is a batch maintenance and tuning service for everything from server to WordPress itself.

We will fine-tune everything: the handling of hardware and middleware, revisions of themes and plugins, optimization of SQL, and reviewing of database structure. With measures in place to continuously improve and maintain performance, we offer a whole-package deal.

In order to manage everything as a bundle, we will examine and detect whether your declining performance is due to bottlenecking in your server or applications. And, we will reduce that bottlenecking, and increase the performance of your WordPress site.

Conventional Service

  • N/A
  • WordPress maintenance
    from company A
  • Server management
    from company B

KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service

  • WordPress, middleware,
    and server tuning
  • WordPress maintenance
  • Server management with
    reliability and performance

Merits of KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service

Increased page views
There are cases where page views increased 50% with an improvement in performance.
Better user experience
With pages loading faster, users will continue to return to your WordPress site.
Less administrative stress
You have more time to create content with the speed of the Dashboard also increased.
Server load reduction
With more successful throughput each access, the server’s load is decreased overall.
More stable system
The overall system’s stability will increase when the server load is reduced.
Total cost reduction
Eliminate manpower needed to prevent performance loss and WordPress handicaps.

Real-life example of switching to KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service

Here is a graph showing a site that was hosted with another company’s WordPress server management service making the switch to KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service. The site is using a public cloud.

Other company’s server management service KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service

We will tell you explicit pricing details after our consultation.

Costs will vary depending on the scope of the site, current operation and environment, and other factors.
There may also be other fixed and metered fees depending on page views.

Setup Flow

Review your issues, budget, and page view goals.
Site and server exam
Examine site and server configurations and current load.
System and server building
Verify operation, reconfigure middleware, and check execution time of processes in a test environment.
Execution test
Preview check
Execute a test operation and confirm there are no issues.
Begin real operations
Confirm the actual processing speed and server load.
Logic/source code revisions
Application reconfiguration
Database optimization
Network optimization
With the results of the previous step, we will re-examine the logic and source code to see if there is need for revision.
If so, we will reconfigure applications, or delete unnecessary records to optimize the database and network.


Can I use this service with an existing site?
Yes, it can be used with new and existing sites.
80% of sites were previously managed elsewhere.
Can you guarantee performance?
We offer an SLA that promises average desired page views.
Along with that we are continuously fine-tuning your performance.
Can I choose the server?
You may use a public cloud or private cloud.
We will make suggestions based on the scope of your WordPress site.
What if something happens?
We will attempt a restore when irregularities occur.
We will also immediately investigate the cause (weekdays 9am-6pm JST)
* There are optional services such as 24-hour site surveillance and call centers.

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9am-6pm JST (Monday through Friday)

TEL +81-3-6551-2996

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